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Directors' Blog Entries

This page posts TGDA Blog Entries from the TGDA Board of Directors.

  • 4 Mar 2019 9:52 PM | Anonymous

    On Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 8:00am to 9:00am, the Texas Guitar Directors Association held their Annual Session open meeting at the Texas Music Educators Association Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas. (Republic C room, Grand Hyatt).

    Presiding over the session were: Edward Grigassy, President; Dr. Michael Quantz, Vice President; Susan Rozanc, Secretary; Charles Watson, Treasurer.

    President's Report: Our financials are solid, we have a growing membership, we have a good and reliable on-line membership tool, and we have moved forward on several fronts over the past year (see below).  Now we need volunteer assistance with several of our very important Initiatives (see below), especially member-volunteers with strong writing abilities.

    The Agenda

    Big thank you to Mr. Floyd and Mr. Coachman and all the staff at TMEA!

    Introduction to TGDA

    The mission of the Texas Guitar Directors Association is to:

    • Promote educational excellence in the guitar classroom through rigorous standards

    • Support its members through: communication, mentorship, professional development, annual meetings, expertise-sharing, workshops and conferences;

    • Support for classroom guitar programs and music education in the state of Texas.


    -> FIRST All-National Guitar Orchestra (!!!), sponsored by NAfME, conducted in 2018 by Dr. Michael Quantz.  

    -> Guitar Teacher trainings provided by ISD's in 2018: Reports from teacher-trainers for Guitar In-Service Training: Corpus Christi ISD, Socorro ISD, Ysleta ISD, Houston ISD and Brownsville ISD.

    -> Building the PML for Large Guitar Ensemble (TGDA Initiative)

    -> TGDA Teacher resources, all levels K-12.  EXAMPLE given: our detailed page about "Guitar-UIL-In-Texas"

    -> Curation of the current S & SE UIL PML;  

    -> UIL sanctioning of Large Guitar Ensemble Concert and Sight-Reading;

    -> All-Region Guitar Ensemble: A Report from Austin (Region 18) Region 18 All-Region Guitar Ensemble Summary, by Susan Rozanc of Austin ISD.

    -> Building All-State Guitar Ensemble 

    -> Concert and Sight-Reading Events in 2018, and upcoming in 2019 (Brief Reports on C & SR events in: Austin, Houston, Brownsville, El Paso)

    -> Best Practices Initiative - Strategies for success and strong foundations.  Mr. Grigassy asked the members to think about “What works best in the guitar classroom?”

    ----> Classroom Set-up, Instruments, Accessories

    ----> Music Literacy Expectations and Sequencing (by student level)

    ----> Ensemble Skills (Performance, Rehearsal)

    ----> Preparation for Next Level (Feeder Pattern) (Address the many classroom / student situations)

    ----> Preparation for University-Level Music Studies / Guitar Scholarships

    ----> Developing Students’ Intrinsic Motivation

    Open Forum: Guitar education issues in the Texas classroom

    Question and Answer: WHAT ARE YOUR ISSUES or NEEDS?

    All attendees were encouraged to visit our web portal:  -- to Renew or Join

    And to attend all the subsequent guitar-related sessions remaining in the day (Sat Feb 16).

    Session Adjourned

  • 4 Mar 2019 9:47 PM | Anonymous

    [ Report by Susan Rozanc, TMEA Annual Session, 16 Feb 2019 ]

    Region 18 (Austin ISD and surrounding)

    All-Region Guitar Ensemble

    (Modeled on TMEA All-Region Orchestra)

    Audition was held Friday, October 19, 2018 at the Austin ISD Performing Arts Center.

    We started the audition process at 2pm and finished up by 6pm.

    92 high school students and 69 Middle school students auditioned.

    Each student prepared a Sor etude and two excerpts, taken from two of the pieces on the program.

    Following TMEA rules patterned after the Orchestra division, each student performed a blind audition for two panels of three judges (made up of area high school and middle school directors). One panel heard the etude and the other panel heard the excerpts.

    The top 20 high school students made up the high school ensemble and the top 16 middle school students made up the middle school ensemble.

    Both ensembles rehearsed on November 13 from 6pm to 8pm and then again the day of the concert, November 14, from 2pm to 5pm.

    The Region 18 All Region Guitar Ensembles Concert took place November 14, 2018 at 7:00pm at the AISD Performing Arts Center.

    Each student auditioning paid a $5 entry fee. In many schools, the guitar program paid entry fees. Entry fees went towards clinician honorariums for clinicians Dr. Matthew Hinsley (Middle School All-Region Guitar Ensemble) and Dr. Joseph Williams (High School All-Region Guitar Ensemble).

    Depending on the number of programs in your area, this format can be replicated in your region! The next step is to appeal to local membership and petition the region to hold the guitar region groups under the TMEA Region Orchestra auspices.

    High School All-Region Program - conducted by Dr. Joseph Williams

    Fiesta Mediterranea - Loncar

    Sonata L 58 - Scarlatti/Cruz

    La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin - Debussy/Sparks

    Kalimba -Jurg Kindle

    Middle School All-Region Program - conducted by Dr. Matthew Hinsley

    Sarabande by GF Handel arr. J. Osborne

    Prelude and Allegro - Travis Marcum

    Don Quixote - Mark Moore

  • 25 Nov 2018 12:25 PM | Anonymous

    I'm thankful for my job teaching high school guitar class in Houston ISD, and I am especially thankful this time of year for Guitar UIL in Texas.

    The musical selections that appear on the UIL Prescribed Music List for Guitar Solo, Trio and Quartets are pieces I introduce and re-use year after year in my high school guitar class.  They are quality pieces, well-composed and well-sequenced for high school guitar students.

    While preparing this article, I realized there is no existing information sheet on Guitar UIL in Texas, so we started one here:

    This year, the excitement about students to do UIL started early.  In late July, I began investigating UIL pieces for my high school guitar students to compete with.  I checked the UIL PML for Guitar and looked at the most recently added pieces (highest UIL ID numbers).

    To my great and thrilling surprise several new pieces were added to the UIL  list this year!   Challenging concert pieces, including the quartet Techno by Jürg Kindle, and quartet arrangements of Danzas espaňolas Nos. 1, 3, 4, 6, 11 & 12 by Enrique Granados (arrangements by Jan-Olof Eriksson) were there on the list for my students to play!

    Now, in late November, we are working on these pieces and as we rehearse, I can’t help but smile, the repertoire is so fun and engaging that students are attending most of the voluntary, lunch-time rehearsals! 

    And I smile again when I remember the students will play these pieces later for two highly-qualified UIL adjudicators in the spring semester.  They will have all the educational impact of preparing a challenging and intricate piece for presentation and then they will receive deeply significant feedback on their performance!  It is an all-around, bases-loaded, grand-slam home run music education experience!

    To make this year's iteration of learning and performing UIL pieces especially inspiring is the coincidence that I happened to know the guitar teacher who submitted the request to add the piece Techno to the list!  (I can provide details upon request).  My colleague and I marveled that the UIL Guitar Prescribed Music List submission process works so well and that the Guitar UIL Committee is serving Texas teachers and students so efficiently! 

    I'm thankful for the structures and educational opportunities for students provided to us by our state government, the TEA, TMEA and UIL. 

    And I'm also so thankful for the guitar directors in our TGDA network committed to developing quality and providing life-changing guitar education in their home communities.

    I'm wishing you the best of luck as you investigate and sign up students for UIL in your region.  

    I look forward to hearing your stories of success with Guitar UIL in Texas!

    Happy practicing!


    - Edward Grigassy

    President, Texas Guitar Directors Association

    What questions do you have about Guitar UIL in Texas?  What would you like to share about your Guitar UIL experiences with other guitar directors?

    Please share with us your comments below, or Contact Us with questions or for a longer conversation.

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